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A4 Printing Paper Cutting

3D PLA filament line


capacity: 20 kg/hour

material: PLA/ABS

total power: 50 kW

line length: 25 m

product size as per customer order

technical features:

1. material: PLA/ABS

2.Production line:

Precision 45 host high precision a second extrusion die - 3 m stainless steel heat sink - 3 mstainless steel cold water tank - diameter  measuring caliper - servo tractor 8m - line storage rack - 4 station winding machine
3. Equipment precision: all partsand unit satisfies the requirement of high precision; Tolerance of + / - 0.03mm
4. Main machine: screw gunbarrel USES high strength alloy steel nitride (38 CrMoAla) or hardening highstrength alloy steel (9 cr18mov), host driven by ac frequency conversioncontroller; Thermostat high intelligence of imported Omron temperaturecontroller, temperature control accuracy is + / - 1 degree.
5. Mold parts: die adoptsimported S136 thermal stability extruder die professional steel smooth mirrorflow channel, to provide high

  quality 3 d supplies enough protection
6. Sink: stainless steel shapesink all adopt imported SUS304 stainless steel bending forming, stainless steelvacuum pump, roundness

   and high precision of 3D consumable materials; Specialsealed blow drying device, without water splash;
7. Tractor parts: tractor beltby Swiss import wedge belt, Japan Mitsubishi servo motor, high precisionsynchronous belt transmission

  mechanism, to ensure that the traction linearspeed and high precision in the process of long-term  operation,  high stabilityand        traction belt does not skid, no noise..
8, eight meters store lineframe: high storing capacity of the line, give customers enough in time.
9. 4 station winding machine,PLC programming control, automatic record meter device, adopts automatic lineand alarm device,

   winding emissions and tidy.